Dressing Your Best

 Body slimming undergarments and women’s shape wear are nothing new. Take a look back at some of the first body slimming foundation wear, such as the corset, which was first made popular in the early 1800’s. Thankfully, shape wear has made dramatic improvements not only in comfort, but in style and form. There are several benefits to wearing shape wear, aside from the obvious slimming look that you get. Women’s shape wear designers, such as Sara Blakely (founder and inventor of Spanx shape wear) have made fabulous advances, and inspired millions of women to feel more confident in their professional, as well as social, life. Putting your curves back where they belong. Ok, so let’s agree that the most obvious benefit of wearing quality shape wear is that it enhances your figure (where it needs it most)! It’s a safe bet that most of the actresses who walk the red carpet are wearing some type of shape wear (yep, even the size 2 stars complain of cellulite and tummy bulges). Honestly, not many of us can say that we don’t need a little “adjusting” to have a shapelier figure. It’s not so much about looking thinner, as it is about selecting the right foundation undergarment to enhance you where you need it. Looking fabulous and feeling confident. You spend considerable money on a stunning new outfit, but what’s underneath is what will make you stand out from the crowd. How many times have you seen a woman in a beautiful dress only to be distracted by unsightly panty lines or the dreaded bra bulge! Shape wear easily eliminates bra bulge, eliminates visible panty lines, soothes thighs, slenderizes the waist and tummy, and more! Gwenyth Paltrow shared that wearing shape wear helped her hide her post-baby extra 10 pounds. Selecting the right shape wear to correct the problem area is the key. At Glamour411, and our retail store Galapagos Boutique, we have seen the amazing difference shape wear makes. And, don’t get the idea that you should only use shape wear when you’re dressing up. It’s equally important to eliminate panty lines under your favorite jeans as it is under a formal gown. Selecting the right shape wearFeel free to contact us with any questions you have about selcting the right shape wear, or simply browse our shape wear departments.

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